CAT Test Series Special – How To Prepare for CAT in 100 days

Dear CAT Aspirants,

This is the best time to review your CAT & other MBA examinations target scores to reach the ivy league colleges in India. The CAT application will start from 2nd week of August. Thus, it is a right time & opportunity to focus on your preparation strategy. Please take a note of the following important points to start preparation:

1) Take a mock initially through which you can analyze your strengths and weaknesses in different areas (Quant, Analytical Reasoning & DI, Verbal Ability). For students who are not enrolled at LOGICANS can take the  test using the following link:


   2) Start revising the fundamentals in different areas and understand each concept with sufficient practice. Rote learning the formulae alone is not going to help much since questions will focus on how a student device a logic for a particular question or section. 

3) Make a checklist of the tasks and content to be completed every day, weekly and monthly. The content comprises of Basic books and online test series.

4) First 40 days must be targeted to finish the entire basic content with the understanding of the application part followed by chapterwise test series.

5) Keep identifying your strengths and weaknesses in the due course of brushing up fundamentals.

6) After 40 days you can start with the CAT Test series or online mock test which can give you a real picture of your progress.

7) There is no need to solve too many books and devoting too much of time on doing same chapters. Test series is the best way to upgrade your performance.

8) Every mock test requires at least 20 hours of dedicated review to address different aspects of your behavior on the test. Also, it depends on how one observes the post mock test analysis.

9) Avoid working on a single topic or area for the whole week rather try to cover some part of each area every day.

10) A 100-day preparation requires not more than 20 mocks to be written and analyzed as it is all about brain development rather than writing plenty of mocks. Only writing mocks without proper analysis is futile.

11) Avoid working on any new area and revise a lot in the last 20 days. 

12) In the last 20 days, a candidate must have a clear idea of his strengths and weaknesses with time response analysis to make a sound strategy of every minute in the examination.

13) CAT & other aptitude tests are the sheer test of your intelligence, please do not confuse it with any syllabus or knowledge-based examination. Your ability to read and write will transform you into an aggressive test taker. 

14) Work aggressively towards your goal.

15) Remain calm and composed towards your goal.