CAT Test Series – 5 Most Common Errors

1. Calculation errors: Generally this is the most common mistake committed by students. Approximately 30 % of the mistakes are in this category. The calculations in terms of accuracy, approximations and comparatives must be nothing less than perfect. Try to be so cognizant with numbers well so that you can execute calculations in the back of your mind perfectly.

2. LOGICAL Errors: This type of an error is due to the failure in establishing the correct nexus between different entities, quantities, ideas, and relations. For this try to solve different type of logical questions in Quant, Data Interpretation, Analytical Reasoning and Verbal Ability and keep on revising them to make those situations lucid.

3. Language Interpretation: This is the trickiest of all and many students fall under this category of errors where they are not able to understand the right meaning of the language given in the question. Focus a lot on language having reasoning essence. Practicing Mock Tests can provide sufficient practice of this provided you keep a track of what you have learned from them.

4. Conceptual Errors: This type of error occurs due to insufficient understanding and grasping of the concepts. This happens when a student is either going through the content hastily to finish it fast or is not under the revision process or further may be because of consistently changing the content very often resulting in loss of a recorded track. Practice your fundamentals from one source (obviously a good one) and try to finish it at least thrice to settle the entire content. Don’t move forward until and unless you understand the concept completely or regress a lot to check whether you are clear with the entire basics. Take help of your seniors, mentors, and experts.

5. Silly Mistakes: These are really silly. While writing exams mind goes blank various times under which we commit silly mistakes. These types of mistakes are committed unknowingly. It simply proves that ‘the brain’ is not 100% ours. The brain has a working of its own and is to be mastered before seeking results and success. Practice a lot and train your brain with alertness. Increase your stamina and concentration.

Keep you Mock Test and CAT Test Series analysis based on the above errors.

All the Best!