CAT 2018 Review Shift 1

CAT 2018 Shift 1: Review

The CAT’18 conducted by IIM Kolkata was a package not with many surprises but the same pattern of questions as the previous year. Sectionwise details are as:

Verbal Ability: This section was comparatively easier than the previous year. The Reading comprehension part was easier and with a little effort to understand the primary purpose and the main argument would have enabled to mark options quite easily. Search and Scan method was equally effective. There were four passages of medium length (4 – 6 paragraph) carrying 5 questions each and one passage with four questions. There were questions based on summary based, parajumbles (TITA Type) and Parajumble – Odd one out (TITA Type) which were of easy to medium difficulty level.

Ideal Number of Attempts: 20 – 30 attempts could have been made with a good accuracy(>80%) to clear the cut-offs for IIMs.

Data Interpretation/ LR: This section carried a mix of easy, medium and difficult problem sets. One calculative DI set was introduced which was the easiest to pick and solve. Other sets involved Venn Diagram and analytical reasoning. The questions focused more on the reasoning ability and deductive reasoning. 

Ideal Number of Attempts: 12 – 18

Quantitative Aptitude: This section covered almost all the topics evenly. Questions on Number System, functions, averages, TSD, Circles, Triangles, Parallelograms, Mensuration, Profit & Loss, Ratios, Logarithms, algebraic formulae, permutation & combination etc were asked from easy to medium difficulty level.

Ideal Number of Attempts: 18 – 25

Overall Ideal Number of Attempts: 

Top Six IIMs: 60 + 

Other IIMs – 55 + 

LOGICANS Preparatory Feedback: 

VA – All the techniques discussed in the class and VA FT session could have been perfectly used to score high. The question types predicted were same in the CAT Exam. Strategy to ace VA through RC was the best found this year too.

DI/LR – The DI set appeared in the exam was close to the PIE CHart chapter in DI primers. To ace other sets the skills developed through PRIMERS, LOGICATs, G- Files and class sheets were sufficient.

Quantitative Aptitude:  CLass Sheets, PRIMERS and LOGICATS were sufficient enough to develop skills and crack any question in Quant section. 

Many questions and concepts asked were already discussed in the class

All the Best !!