Jyotsna Sharma - 18 IIM Calls

Testimonial by Jyotsna Sharma

The attention and monitoring I got at Logicans played a major role in my performance in CAT

1) Faculty: Teachers are aThe attention and monitoring I got at Logicans played a major role in myways available to take doubts (no matter how trivial they are) very patiently. The dedication with which the teachers at Logicans teach, boosted my energy and encouraged me to work harder.

2) Study Material: The material provided by coaching is more than sufficient and various online tests on the portal keeps you going on. (It was nearly impossible to be out of working material). The study material booklet (called Primer) has theory, solved examples, and questions with various difficulty levels. The master booklet (called G – Files) has brilliant questions.

3) Online Tests: The CAT Mock tests are very close to CAT pattern, the difficulty level, the interface, the types of questions. Other than full length mock tests, there are various topic wise tests and chapter wise test. Some tests are as short as 10 minutes to develop speed in Verbal section. (There are roughly 175+ tests)

4) Classes: 2 hour classes, 3-4 times a week. We learn a particular concept and then do a practice sheet immediately to apply the concept. This sheet is then discussed and then we get our home practice sheets. There are HELP sessions as well, where doubts of primers are solved, however you can ask them separately as well if required.