Shivangi Wadhwa – IRMA Final Call Convert

Reminiscing the day when I commenced taking classes at the centre till the day I built my resume, the team at Logicans was present all the time to offer relentless help and guidance. From clearing basics to grooming up for the interview, everything is taught here in the right patient manner, while taking care of the potential and capability of each student.
Had it not been Ravi sir, I would not have taken up the preparation sincerely as he was throughout the year pushing us to achieve better and better results and improvise while the time progressed, nearing CAT. The techniques taught by Mukta ma’am for English really saved my time while solving the questions.
Well yes it is true that everyone has his own strategy of scoring and cracking questions however there are some ways that all aspirants ought to know. And this code is given by Ravi sir in the form of Mock Analysis. With his help, I learned how to climb up the ladder of scores with conceptual building and proper analysis. Focusing on all the segments of the paper and the probabilities differing as per individual with regard to one’s own strengths, weaknesses and time devotion, each part is analyzed properly and guidance is provided accordingly so that optimum results can be attained.
When it comes to mentorship, Ravi sir is truly genuine and reliable as he assists each student in making prudent choices when it comes to career decisions, with no ulterior motive of his own. Not only this but also he never compromise on values as well while constantly motivating each individual to bring out the best in one being.
So these are the primary attractions of joining this institute for aptitude development. Well I need to mention the secondary factors as well that is the environment and study space which is undoubtedly excellent as arduous efforts have been made by Ravi Sir to maintain a library full of books, magazines and all the relevant stuff that enhance the preparation while providing one conducive environment to study peacefully. With Ravi Sir being so approachable, learning continues in active mode as there is a constant support from his side.
So this is to thank all the faculty members at the coaching, especially Ravi sir for helping me reach my dream college.
Thank you so much Sir, this surely hadn’t been possible without your timely counseling, correct guidance and vigorous efforts!