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10 Point CAT Strategy – Mock Analysis

10 Point Strategy – Mock Analysis

1. Correct over wrong – Try to check all the correct, wrong and unattempted questions with accuracy.

2. Concepts Lags & Error Logs – Check whether you know all the concepts and maintain an error log for type of errors committed.

3. Right Selection of questions – Check and strategize the correct order of questions to be attempted first and how would you notice the difference between the must do questions, try later questions and must avoid trap questions.

4. Alternative Methods – Try for time saving alternative methods and approaches for all type of questions.

5. Target Score and Potential Score Gap – strategize how you can minimize the gap.

6. Productive Vs non Productive Time during the test.

7. Check Your response Time.

8. Potential Score – Check your overall potential score.

9. SET Target for Next LOGICAT

10. Revise all the important concepts and application from LOGICANS Primer booklet and class sheets.