Why MBA (World of Opportunities)

Higher salary
The average salary for an MBA graduate is considerably higher than that of an employee with a regular master qualification. For MBA graduates the average salary ranges from 6 lakhs to 18 lakhs.

Better career opportunities
This advantage of an MBA degree goes hand in hand with the first one and it is actually the cause of the first one. Graduates of an MBA program have, due to their qualification, higher chances of obtaining and holding a high level management position. It is estimated that 70% of the MBA graduates worldwide are senior managers or board directors. This type of position brings along a higher salary but of course also a higher responsibility and longer working hours.

Whether you wish to further your current career by advancing in a leadership position, or you want to pursue a new career, an MBA is definitely going to boost your chances of achieving these goals.

Better consolidated business network
As an MBA student you have great networking opportunities. Through this type of study you get to know and interact in a relevant manner (in a context that accentuates your business management capabilities) with colleagues (future high level managers), professors and teaching staff (usually former or current potent business people, with great on-field experience).

New skill and knowledge acquisition
Studying a Master of Business Administration forces you to get out of your comfort zone, deal with the latest issues, apply the newest management techniques and just constantly challenge yourself, your practices and your approaches. And that will continue after graduation as well, as an MBA also provides you with the channels that will keep this challenge alive and push you to continuously improve.

A holistic perspective over the business world
As mentioned before, through studying an MBA you become part of a great network of professionals and companies and you constantly challenge yourself with the newest problem-solving. These things together give you a great overview of the business world, a deep understanding and certain receptiveness to the slight changes of this environment.

Who can do MBA?
All the fresh and work experience graduates with at least 50 % marks in their bachelors can write CAT exam. The purpose is most commonly to start a career or enhance a career. People from diversified background have different reasons to do an MBA. Every top B school selects quite a good number of fresher's as well as work experienced professionals for training. The scope is open to almost everyone.

Why MBA?
The main objective of an MBA is to develop young men and women into competent professional managers, capable of working in any sector of organized activity, proceeding leadership and achieving excellence in performance while contributing to the welfare of the larger society. The best MBA Programs in India and abroad try to -

  • Equip students with the required conceptual and interpersonal skills and sense of social purpose for managerial decision-making,
  • Develop leadership capabilities to act as change agents and be a source of motivation in the organizations they work in,
  • Nurture the desire to excel in performance without compromising integrity, honesty and fairness.

MBA Programs

  • General Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Finance
  • Sales & Marketing
  • International MBA
  • Agri Business & Rural Management
  • Forest Management
  • Media & Communication
  • Retail
  • Business Analytics
  • Pharmaceutical Management
  • Entrepreneurship or Family Managed Business
  • Telecom Management
  • Construction Management
  • Energy & Infrastructure
  • Healthcare

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