Career in Management after 12th

A step by step Approach : A world of Opportunities

Life is not only about earning certificates, degrees and good marks in the class. The purpose why your parents have sent you to the college is for making a bright future and career. After class 12th one needs to ponder over a career go through to actually succeed in the longer run. In this article we will get to know about various insights of management as a career. Let’s try to begin with understanding the macroscopic details of our country:

Career in Management

Job Market:

Career in Management after 12thJob opportunities always move as per the scope of the Indian Economy. This gives the reason that services sector is the current boom in the job market, which requires lot of managers and hence why students can choose management as a career.

The above fact is also one of the reasons that maximum number of Engineers, BA, B.Com and other graduates are inclined towards doing MBA after graduation.

Satiating the need of early success

Management is best known for opportunities filled with earlier success in life. Management is one such field where you don’t have to prove 10 years to get the position in a company. Money and positions go hand in hand with the employee’s ability to take responsibilities and sustain growth.

Advantages of Pursuing a Career in Management

1. A wider scope of choices in Management: A student gets an option to choose from various fields.

Career in Management

2. Choice of Industries and various Sectors:  Not only a student has an opportunity to choose various fields of study but also he can select the industries and sectors to work for.

Career in Management

3. Better salary packages: The average salary packages of undergraduates is around 3 – 4 lakhs INR per annum and that of post graduate students is above 6 lac INR per annum.
The maximum salary of an undergraduate is around 8 lakhs per annum and of post graduate is 32 lakhs per annum.
If you are in a process of planning your graduation then plan it carefully. Getting early into management through IIM IPM, BBA, BMS and BFIA programs can make your way quite simpler to focus upon your career goal and hence planned success.
4. The Competition: The competitive index is low in management which means these exams are the easiest to crack in terms of competition.
5. The Professionalism:

  • BBA program helps you understand the knowledge of making business decisions.  If you wish to become an entrepreneur, it helps you think more precisely on different aspects of running a business.
  • The BBA programs are industry-fit as companies look for BBA graduates for their managerial openings at entry-level jobs. 
  • As BBA program helps you enter the corporate world at an early age, you can enter an MBA program with good industry experience and more knowledge about various aspects of business.
  • A complete knowledge about Business and principles of management.
  • A route to leadership position.
  • A professional degree.
  • Entry level profiles like Business Manager, HR Manager, Project planner, …)
  • 3 years, a sufficient time to get the insight about management in depth.
  • Early work experience, a better growth.

6. Eligible to be a CA, CFA and CS.

How to Start a Career in Management?

1. The Courses:

How to Start a Career in Management

2. The Examinations: Following are the examinations required to get admission into one of the top programs-

Management Examinations

3. Test Subjects and Areas: The above examinations focus on testing the following areas which is common to all:

  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • Language Skills
  • Reasoning
  • General Awareness

In addition to the above areas, a candidate may require to demonstrate competency in written ability test (WAT), Group Discussion and Personal Interview.

Make Your Career ‘The LOGICANS WAY’

LOGICANS literally implies people who impart logic and proper reasoning.
The very purpose of creating LOGICANS is to bridge the gap between mainstream education and pragmatic learning for the aspiring youth of today. LOGICANS is an endeavor to provide an organized and simple structure of education and guidance to students. It is apparent in these times, that students are quite indecisive and unsure of their career goals and career paths. Career counseling sessions do inform students about a gamut of opportunities. However, lack in clearing the mist of confusions, doubts and dilemmas which prevail in the naïve minds of the students.
LOGICANS is the only institute in Lucknow focused only towards making careers in Management. Our deep focus helps a candidate get complete quality preparation in terms of teaching, consulting and personality development. Being focused we believe every student has a different set of plan of action. We help students in complete training required to get the best management programs in India.

Preparation @ Logicans

  1. Assessment & Self Study Plan: A starting student goes through an interactive session with the experts to gauge the strengths and weakness of a student. This may be followed by an aptitude test. Then a self-study plan for the student is prepared to help him work on various areas.
  2. The freshers: This is the study material which focuses on all the relevant concepts and techniques to be covered. The strategy of the study material is aptitude development in various areas. The faculty takes the responsibility to ensure that the student solves the study material completely.
  3. Vocabulary Sessions: We conduct special sessions to develop vocabulary of a student that helps in clearing the section on language skills.
  4. Reading: We have firm belief in the philosophy “Leaders are always Readers”. Hence, productive sessions on reading comprehension skills are being taken by the expert faculty.
  5. Library: An Institute is incomplete without a Library. We provide all our students Library facilities to inculcate reading habit and nurture the minds. 
  6. Class Tests and Online Tests: Lectures at LOGICANS are followed by Class tests and online tests, the ultimate practice platform for a student. A detailed discussion of the tests gives a candidate perfect practice edge over others in competition.
  7. Personalized Guidance: Our faculty team is very approachable and we firmly believe in post session analysis spending time with students clearing their personal doubts.
  8. Complete Guidance on Form Filling & Application Process: We provide comprehensive guidance to all students regarding the ideal colleges to apply. This is the most important part in getting admission. The consulting in this area makes the selection chances fair and easy for a student as there are always options not known by the masses and with appropriate efforts one can easily get the best with least possible competition.
  9. WGIC Program: This is the must attend program @ LOGICANS, where we focus more on developing the overall personality development in terms of Written Abilities, Group Discussions, Interview Preparation and Communications. The students remain under the guidance of expert faculty and industry experts to get the best of the tips.  

We ensure serious efforts to make the career of our students. LOGICANS is determined towards creating 100 % results. Our only recognition is the quality that we provide to our students which is very practical and scientific towards clearing competition.

Begin, Believe and Lead:

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