The Pedagogy

The pedagogy of LOGICANS is based on grading technique, which assumes a student to be at an average level and ready to learn basics. We teach and train students in levels. The first level of BBA starts from very basics filling the gaps and conceptual loop holes. It prepares a student ready to face applications with confidence. This level is known as FRESHERS. A student cannot move to next level until and unless he successfully performs in FRESHERS, thereby making us more responsible to make students attend all sessions and provide comprehensive learning with doubt solving. After successful completion of FRESHERS and completing the syllabus, a student is ready to switch to the second level known as GRILLERS. Grillers ensure in depth study of the related area along with the speed and accuracy. The difficulty level is high and hence is followed by rigorous class discussions and home assignments given to the students. Our pedagogy system stands on our 9 fundamental pillars:

  • Fundamental books based on latest pattern.
  • Classroom training and concept clearing sessions.
  • Post session doubt clearing and personalized guidance.
  • Performance and report evaluation.
  • Self study Plan.
  • Development of Voracious Reading Habits.
  • ONLINE “MODEL-BBA’S” practice test series.
  • Complete Analysis and classroom discussion of “MODEL-BBAs”.
  • Exhaustive communication and personality development program.

*Classroom Features:

  • LOGICANS has the most experienced faculty trained specially for developing aptitude based skills in students.
  • A unique grading technique in didactics and pedagogical system.
  • Every chapter with a class sheet practice is followed by the test performance to develop test taking skills.
  • Discussion of online and offline tests in the classroom for a complete exposure and learning.

* The fundamental books: are divided into two parts namely FRESHERS and GRILLERS.

Focuses on complete conceptual clarity with the detailing of comprehensive techniques used in cracking trickiest questions. It carries all the must know concepts which a student must learn to perform well in IIM – IPM and other BBA aptitude exams. We have designed FRESHERS in a way that every student will find it very resourceful and helpful in clearing basics. The practice exercise will help them implement and understand the basics in more clear and confident manner.
After finishing “Freshers” a student is ready to tackle “Grillers”, which consists of concepts and questions with a higher difficulty level as compared to freshers booklets. A student learns complete application of the freshers in different tricky and complex situations. Grillers help student apply the basics learned in “Freshers” at the next level.

*ONLINE Support: is the computer based exam supported on real time platform for students to give them close to real exam performance evaluation and analysis report. The tests are specifically designed on the lines of actual IIM IPM and BBA examinations.

1 year program: Aspire’17

  • 24 Sectional tests in PS, VA and LR
  • 10 LOGICANS CBT’s (Self Proctored)
  • 8 “LOGICANS CBTs” with All India Simulated Rank.
  • Online Performance Report and Evaluation

3 months Program: Speed’16

  • 10 Sectional Tests in PS, VA and LR
  • 10 LOGICANS CBTs (6 self proctored, 4 Proctored)
  • Online Performance & Evaluation Report.

*Personalized Approach:

  • Emphasis on personal attention to each student.
  • Career plan and self study schedule for each student done by the mentors.
  • Complete form filling and counseling guidance process for every student individually.
  • Personalized performance evaluation report.

Exams & Patterns: Indian Institute of Management, Indore
Test Structure:

  • Quantitative Aptitude - 60 Marks
  • Verbal Ability - 40 Marks

Other Details

  • Duration - 2 hours
  • Negative Marking - one fourth
  • Eligibility: 60 % Marks in class X and class XII.
  • Selection Criteria: 60 % Aptitude and 40% personal Interview
  • Application Deadline: First week of April
  • Exam Date: Third week of May