LOGICANS literally implies people who impart logic and proper reasoning.

The very purpose of creating LOGICANS is to bridge the gap between mainstream education and pragmatic learning for the aspiring youth of today. LOGICANS is an endeavor to provide an organized and simple structure of education and guidance to students. It is apparent in these times, that students are quite indecisive and unsure of their career goals and career paths. Career counseling sessions do inform students about a gamut of opportunities. However, lack in clearing the mist of confusions, doubts and dilemmas which prevail in the naïve minds of the students.

LOGICANS, is a maiden initiative, aimed at keeping the transparency intact, between actual information and a student's aptitude, without experiments. LOGICANS with its unique grading pedagogy system along with the most experienced counseling cell takes a step forward to counsel, mentor and assist students round the clock.

Ours is a holistic approach towards learning and aims at providing the right educational services for all. Ethics work as a very foundation of our organizational structure. The comprehensive quality of study and learning material along with the unmatched interactive sessions provided at LOGICANS is one of the best in the industry. The study material has been designed by a team of experts with years of enriching experience and training in MBA test prep industry exclusively CAT, keeping in mind the need of the hour, and the requirements of the students to cope up with the competitive scenario thereby finding themselves a meaningful career.

LOGICANS uses one of the most enhanced and scientific approach in learning methodology, which makes a learner improve gradually. We also understand the importance of technical advancements in education and hence have implemented LCD and animation based pedagogy to make the concepts seem more live and interactive.

We, the team at LOGICANS are driven by the passion to create 100 % results without any compromises in quality, caliber and support.