MBA Interview Tips

The LOGICANS Interview TIPS for MBA Aspirants

mba interview tips
  • Go to the interview with an open mind keeping the scope of new learnings. An interview is not only about performance through correct answers. It is more of handling situations.
  • Dress smartly, speak calmly and confidently. First impressions really do count.
  • Prepare your introduction well and try to introduce yourself with the information that the interviewer is unaware of.
  • Be positive about yourself and the experiences.
  • Before preparing your introduction think well about how it will help the interviewer to make a decision in your favor.
  • If you are a fresh graduate then revise all your subjects well before the interview.
  • Show eagerness to learn when you don't know the answers.
  • Work on your body language as in nervousness you might behave indifferent.
  • Learn all the facts and figures related to your profile.
  • Brush up properly current affairs and general awareness.
  • You must work upon 'Why MBA 'or 'Why XYZ College'.
  • Make sensible points on your strengths and weaknesses. Avoid saying that you don't have any weakness.
  • Prepare some questions to ask at the end of the interview. For example, "Given the expectation of students prior to starting what most surprises them about the institution regarding work load, teaching, recruitment and so on …"?
  • Make a checklist of all the important documents required at the time of interview.

The Big Dont's

  • Do not put your hands on the table while talking to the interviewer.
  • Don't guess the answer's and be honest.
  • Try avoiding communication with only single member of the interview panel. You must make eye contact and communication with all the members maintaining prime focus on the person in conversation with.
  • Avoid gesticulation.
  • Do not break into Hindi language during conversation until and unless asked to do so.
  • Do not try to baffle the interviewer with questions that he/she will not be able to answer (for ex. asking a puzzle, placements, ranking, salary etc.)
  • Don't slouch and sit, don't argue.
  • Do not use informal language (or slangs).
  • Don't criticize your college or organization.
  • Do not ask unintelligent questions which can be easily searched on websites.
  • While leaving the room do not knowingly or unknowingly bang the door.

All the Best !!